Unicode strings

Sidef uses UTF-8 encoding for pretty much everything, including source files, strings, stdout, stderr and stdin.

# International class; name and street
 class 国際( なまえ, Straße ) {

    # Say who am I!
    method 言え {
        say "I am #{self.なまえ} from #{self.Straße}"

 # all the people of the world!
 var 民族 = [
              国際( "高田 Friederich", "台湾" ),
              国際( "Smith Σωκράτης", "Cantù" ),
              国際( "Stanisław Lec", "południow" ),

民族.each { |garçon|


I am 高田 Friederich from 台湾
I am Smith Σωκράτης from Cantù
I am Stanisław Lec from południow